Monday, October 27, 2008

Coming back to life, hungry and involved

  1. Coming home after almost a fortnight at the hospital seems to be doing some good for Grandma. She looked so frail lying on the stretcher when they brought her home just two days ago. Already, being in her own room, sleeping on her own bed and being surrounded by her familiar knick knack has brought in a striking change and she can sit up unaided and for longer durations. An unmistakable sign of recovery is the returning interest in life's daily activities - she asks me to find her pearl earrings and later tells dad that she'll clean the bunch of coriander he got from the market, and does.
  2. Being at home, in Nagpur, whets my appetite. Is it the air?
  3. Finding the time to be completely engrossed in a book. I didn't quite expect to like A Queen of Dreams... but I did. I got involved in it to a surprisong degree...

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