Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love story, magic marbles and almost like being there

  1. Soumitra comes over to spend the day with me. We have much to catch up on. Its lovely to see how highly he thinks of his fiancee. She's just too nice, he tells me, as he recounts her affectionate ways. And I think to myself, here's one lucky girl.
  2. 'Magic Balls' - hard but tiny little balls, smaller than a sago grain, which when soaked in water, absorb it and grow big as marbles and look much the same - translucent, radiant and soft. But they're very different to the touch - slippery and slithery with all the water. Papa had bought some and they sit very prettily in a glass bowl on the dining table at home. I find a little boy selling packets of these on MG road and I can't resist buying one.
  3. As I chat with Tanmoy, he keeps sending me pictures from his recent trip to Boston and tells me the story behind each picture and about all the people in the snaps. Its almost like he's just back from a trip and is showing me the pictures sitting by my side.

Birthday baby, ripe fruits and planning

  1. The important day is here and there's much excitement. By noon, Gauri has already started calling up those of his friends who have been heartless enough to forget to wish him. And in the evening, there's a small birthday celebration at Yana's Sizzlers.
  2. Gullu has landed a great job. Way to go dude! You know you deserve it and I'm so so so very happy for you. Sometimes you just have to hang in there and wait for the time to be ripe.
  3. Planning a surprise for someone and settling down to wait while it takes its course.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pristine, craft and show it off!

  1. Wearing my white salwar kameez with the delicate pink embroidered flowers. It's my lucky dress, and I don't really wear it very often for fear of spoiling it. I remember I had worn it for my first job interview (and gotten the job, of course, why else would it be lucky?) But lucky or not, I just love that pristine summery feeling of wearing a clean and white dress.
  2. Kris is all gung-ho about the 'Home Sweet Home' mural he made at the mural making class he joined. We've been witnessing the daily progress all week, and today the creator presents his finished peice with palpable pride.
  3. Going shopping after work. Kris and I try to convince Gauri to buy that body hugging T-shirt so that he can finally show off his 'muscles' like he's been threatening to, for many days now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recovery, important(?) day and melody

  1. Because I finally get a good night's sleep, the fatigue that had accumulated over the past couple of days reduces somewhat and I atleast feel human again (though I doubt I look it...)
  2. First Gauri sends an email: "Birthday Reminder - 30th May is Gaurav's Happy Birthday. You have received this email because you are among those lucky few who know Gaurav. Wishes will be accepted as cards or flowers. Those outside Pune may wish via email or telephone. This is an auto-generated email." Not content that the message has gotten across, a text message arrives a few hours later. It reads: "Hi. how are you doing? I hope you are ready for the big day. The day that brought a new ray of hope for everyone, the day that saw the birth of a legend, the day that marked the begining of a new era. Yes it is 30th May. Please make sure that your cards and flowers are ready by then. P.S. Outstation ppl can convery der wishes by call or email."
  3. While driving back home, a sweet melody is being played on the radio. Aapki aankhon mein kuchh...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Coffee, movie and dinner

  1. A nice strong cup of cappucino at Barista. Oh how I miss good coffee! I linger over the cup today, savouring every sip and taking in the lovely coffee-shop smells...
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian. Fantasies are so much better than our humdrum lives...
  3. Chicken Biryani at George. And mango ice-cream at Naturals (my first this season) to top it off. Contentment.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lazy beginings, dinner with friends and solitary journey

  1. The weekend begins. It has been a busy week, so a lazy saturday morning of lounging in the bean bag with a hot mug of tea (the masala chai, of course) and a bunch of newspapers seems like a treat...
  2. Shenoy has invited us for dinner at home for the first time since he got married. He and his wife Pallavi seem to have spent a considerable amount of time and effort getting dinner ready - there's soup, chhole, rotis and then fruit custard. We spend a pleasant evening chatting and gossiping. The surprise of the evening is Dadu who (uncharacteristically) talks a lot and seems to be in a very chirpy (if one may dare to use such a flippant word in Dadu's context) mood.
  3. The long drive back home after the evening traffic is all but gone. The roads are empty and inviting and I discover the joys of effortless driving. The radio channels also play some lovely melodies and I actually have enough mental space to enjoy a sing-along.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mad mails, bang on time and ring on the finger

  1. A mad chain of emails that has been going on for the past couple of days. It reminds me of the good old days when such madness was the norm rather than a rarity. Everyone's gone quite wild.
  2. Tuning into a channel just when a movie is beginning. Never happens with me!
  3. I like wearing the gold ring mom lent me. I only wear it very rarely, but when I do, I keep glancing down at my hand.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Licensed, a thousand desires fulfilled and chai

Clare's Three Beautiful Things, which is the inspiration for this blog has a mention of Life Ain't THAT bad..! today. I'm enormously delighted by the pat on the back. Maybe I'll give one to myself too!

  1. I have a license. To drive an LMV. No more hunting, pleading, begging for company when I want to drive my car.
  2. Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi... which, translated, means 'A thousand such desires'... I had watched the first hour of this movie a few months ago, and had been meaning to watch the remaining. Today, I finally sit down to watch it, and by the end of the next hour and a half, I'm shaken. Its one of those hard hitting films which can not be ignored. A superbly told story with a remarkable cast. Simply put, a story which had to be told, and which had to be heard.
  3. A hot cup of tea. I really like Red Lable's masala mix which contains a lot of herbs with the tea. The aroma is so wholesome and fulfilling.

I'll be there for you, someone's listening and acknowledgement

  1. Jui tells me she's always there if I ever need to talk. She's worried because I was impatient and easily angered for a few days, and lost my cool at her on more than one occassion. Each of these times, she managed to hold on to hers... and rather than taking it personally, has ventured to ask if something is bothering me. Little sis is suddenly all grown up. This one thing has made my day today.
  2. There's a new caterer in the cafetaria. Feels good to know that someone's listening to our complaints.
  3. Shenoy calls up because I accuse him of ignoring me post his wedding. We have a nice long chat.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blessed, for me and clean

  1. I get to see one of God's stunning sunrises - I'm atop Lohgad, standing in the midst of drifting mists, getting chilled to the the bone by the cold wet breeze, but I can't move, the view in front of me is so magnificent. The sun barely comes out of the clouds, but makes its presence felt by the various spotlights it focusses on the valley below. There is an everchanging play of shadow and light and enchanting sunrise colours... I just stand there, feeling blessed.
  2. While walking back, I'm the last person trudging along, and at one point of time, I plop down on a rock, because my legs just hurt too much. The others move on, and for a few minutes, I'm alone in my microcosm. Its a bright fresh morning, I'm the only person in the valley. The gentle breeze and the birdsongs are mine alone... (until someone pops right back in to check why I'm not moving, and I get up to resume my trudge)
  3. Taking a long shower to wash off all the filth and then falling asleep almost immediately....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zzzzzz, drizzle and bags

  1. Sleeping after lunch on a weekday
  2. In the evening, there's a breeze with a touch of moisture in it, and carries on its wings that warm heady scent of water on parched earth. I think to myself that it has rained somewhere nearby, and sure enough, only a few moments later, it starts drizzling.
  3. Finding the perfect leather handbag for mum. We've been looking for one to gift her on her bithday for days now, and the search has been successful and has yeilded a couple of bags for Jui and me to!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A little glutton, a big glutton and roads

  1. Seeing little Ira's pictures... she's a year old, and is one cute, healthy baby. 'She's such a glutton', dad tells me indulgently.
  2. Varsha Mami makes such amazingly yummy fish cutlets, I can not stop eating! She keeps frying and unloading them on our plates, and I keep gobbling them down!
  3. Nagpur's clean, wide, uncluttered roads. They're such a pleasure to drive on, after Pune's chaotic roads.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's love, naturally in love and family time

  1. I told mom yesterday, that the lady who sold me her face cream told me that I absolutely must buy it.. "your mom will love you if you get this for her!"... Mom uses it in the night and then tells me in the morning "my skin feels nice... I love you..."
  2. The new Airtel ad with Madhavan and Vidya Balan in which the two play a couple who have to be in different cities for a while. The ad is very high on the awwww factor, they look so natural in love. Oh, and Madhavan looks like a dream...
  3. Watching 3 back to back episodes of 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass se Tez Hain??' (the hindi version of 'Are you smarter than a fifth grader?') with everyone... its a lazy afternoon, mom dozes off, and Papa, Jui and me keep watching Shahrukh pull everyone's leg. And since we're not a family that watches its television quietly, its a good way to spend a summer afternoon.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taking charge, Papa's car and taken care of

It's Papa's birthday today, so all my BTs are for that one awesome person who I can always look up to, and fall back on - my father.
  1. Catching a glimpse of Papa as he walks towards me on the railway station before he sees me. And then, a minute later, letting him take charge of my suitcase.
  2. Driving Papa's car for the first time (other than for driving lessons, that is...). He's nervous, and keeps giving instructions, and I keep telling him not to, but at the end of the short drive, he accepts that I don't drive that bad. Maybe there'll be fewer instructions next time...
  3. My right arm is stiff and has been aching for a couple of days. Many inefficient massages later (that I give it with no appreciable result), Papa gives my hand a very comforting massage, and it really eases the pain.

And really, these are only 3 of the numerous beautiful things this day had to offer... who keeps count of those that a lifetime contains?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Borrowed glow, cherries and hunger

  1. Pearls. I just love wearing two drops of pearls on my ears. I don't know if it's true, but I always feel that pearls lend some of their soft glow to the wearer's face.
  2. Pulling Gauri's leg. Its all the more fun when he starts blushing and his cheeks go cherry red. The more he denies it, the redder they get...
  3. Feeling ravenously hungry. Its a rare feeling during the summer, and in no time, my plate's clean!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Undeniable proof, becoming an artist and move it!

  1. Kris is getting nostalgic and he sends me a badly morphed photo of Stafford playing in a water logged street during last year's Mumbai floods. It is supposed to prove that Stafford bunked work and stayed at home to enjoy the rains.
  2. Tanmoy sends me a couple of magazines on photography with a colleague of his. The first phase of reading the magazines which is looking at the pictures, is currently going on... and along with that, I'm dreaming that one day (through some miracle) even I'll take pictures as good as these!
  3. I finally get off my bum and head to the gym. Of course I find that my stamina is much reduced, but right now, I'm just happy that I've been able to break the ice and haul myself up the treadmill.

No time to breathe!

Participants:- Abhinav Pathak, Shreerang Dixit, Aditi Sodhi, Tanmoy Roy


1. Times Sq and NY Public Library

These are not one of my fav places to go - but then as per the 'Click lots of pics' tourist manual of the state of NY- these are some of the places to visit (along with Liberty aunty and Empire State). Since we didn't have enough time to squeeze out in our time table - Time Sq during the day. Although as per the manual - it needs to be visited with awe and surprise in the eyes during the night, we could only manage to stare foolishly and consequently look happy during the day.


I am no expert but I have a faint idea about excellence, at least most of the times. With a star cast which had well established Hollywood actors and even boasted of academy award winners (among various others) – it was a high 'expectancy event'. The production managers and the director (remember Capote from the movie by the same name?) were also widely respected Hollywood entities. I remember one of my friends gasping – how did you get the tickets?

The play surrounded a distressed situation of an alcohol and drugs addicted family and still proved to be a laughing riot on more than one occasion. It took turns in invoking pity, empathy, sympathy, hatred, disgust … I am running out of words. It lead to happiness for the people sitting there as they felt richer by the end of it. Highly recommended for people visiting NY!

3. Strands Book Store

Before the next show began we had a couple of hours for snacks and visit to what they claim is the World's biggest bookstore. Supposedly 18 miles of books!! I couldn't even check out one section. My friends gave me enough inferiority-complex by discussing literature, I had no clue about.

4. Fuerzabruta (meaning Brute Force)

This was the surprise package. I mean, we had an idea that it should turn out to be crazy and whacky. The only thing which we had no idea on was – the extent of craziness. Well it was again, worth every penny spent. I mean this is the closest you can get to understand the effects of cocaine, without actually taking any. Not often do you see, women floating in the sky full of water, or running around on the walls, or men falling off a conveyer belt, or getting hit by doors and walls (I skip the rest, to refrain from sounding 'amusingly' bored).


We ended the day with a live contemporary Jazz performance by a 'tight' and successful band. What I missed out on the website was a small highlighted notice about the need to call separately (apart from buying the ticket) to reserve a table. As dumb as it can sound- I obviously didn't imagine that I will have to call even after paying for the tickets 3 days in advance. Anyway, as we arrived there – we were told to 'stand by the bar' and enjoy the show. On normal days this wouldn't have been a problem, but given the amount of exhaustion we had undergone- our knees couldn't even withstand our weight for 20 mins. So I used my shameless skills to embarrass the manager till he gave us a table. All well that ends J,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,3807


1. Brooklyn Art Museum

We couldn't cover much here as one of the morons had to leave that day. We did cover African and Japanese sections among a few others.

2. Roadside vendors/Wall St.

You can't go back from NY without eating at the road side vendors (alas, one of us did). Even though it was chilly – we sat outside and ate. A 'Starbucks hour' had to be undertaken, to kill the chill that had gotten under the skin.

For people coming for the first time to NY- Wall St. and NYSE is a must visit; more so for people belonging to the Finance domain (whatever that means). So we spend some time to look at the old buildings and click pictures (like so many others on the same street), after which it is time to move to Brooklyn bridge.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

As the sun is about to set – we start walking on the Brooklyn bridge. Looking at the activity and the energy on the bridge – it fills us with excitement. One of my friends is interested in a lot of 'solo' snaps. He has his wished fulfilled.

4. Pier 17

This is a Pier near the bridge which attracts a lot of people. A place to sit in the open air, sip wine, shop, listen to music and talk, while the river passes by. With a few more pictures of Brooklyn bridge we come back home.

5. More Books!

Close to our crashing ground, there happens to be a book shop. My friends buy me some (five actually) books as a part of the birthday present treaty. One of them happens to be Ullysses. Now that I have been presented, there is no escape. I will have to finish it.


1. Gravid Water- Experimental Theater

The rains prevented us from going out as per our original plan of visiting the 'typical tourist spots' as per the manual. So finally in the evening, we decided to brave the rains and go watch an interesting form of theater. The concept is to enact specific scenes from various plays using regular actors and some improvisers. The actors have prepared the scenes like they would normally do, but the improvisers, like the audience, have no idea about what the scene will be. They just land up at the scene and start acting. This confusion leads to extremely funny situations as the actors are expected to stick to their original dialogues, as far possible.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Galvanized, enlightened and responsible

  1. Today, I'm galvanized into action... I make a list of all the things that have been pending for so long, and get cracking. At the end of the day I feel much better because I've managed to finish many of them, and set the rest into motion...
  2. A very enlightening chat with George - I find out interesting tid-bits about a 'date' George went on, who has a crush on whom, and other such trivia.
  3. Mum says she's relieved I agreed instantly to accompany her aunts on their journey to Pune. "We'll all be much easier in our hearts if you're with them."