Friday, September 21, 2007

Again, Barti rules, lucky charm and lovely parents

  1. Telling everyone I'm going to Goa, and having them exclaim "Again??! Wow!"
  2. Soumitra is falling in love with Bartimaeus too!
  3. According to George, I'm lucky for Team India. Everytime I watch the cricket match, India wins... :-) A painful responsibility, I can not resist saying...
  4. And an extra one, because I won't be posting for the next few days. In the washroom, one of the office-help ladies asks me if the people on my desktop are my parents. I reply in the affirmative. She says - you've got lovely parents...

Cold breakfast, sixers and the dream of a breakfast...

  1. When I walk into work late as usual, I find everyone waiting for me. I'm immediately bundled away to the pantry. There's ice-cream to be eaten and everyone's been waiting for me to turn up... Kaushik is fulfilling his promise of getting ice-cream to office if Dharana successfully completes the fasting that she has undertaken. There's a whole tub to be eaten, but it vanishes in no time. Ice-cream for breakfast! That's a first for me!
  2. I'm no cricket fan, but Yuvraj Singh's spectacular sixers - that too six in a row, in the World Twenty20 against England are breathtaking. I find myself exclaiming in delight and clapping my hands with glee everytime he hits one more six!
  3. Realizing that I'll have one extra breakfast at Heritage Village Club, just because I'm reaching in the morning, while my folks are reaching in the afternoon... mmmmmmmmmm... just the thought of the scrumptious, royal breakfasts there makes my mouth water!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alive again, short fights and zapak

  1. Its good to have Dharana back at work, hale and hearty. Office is a livelier place with her around.
  2. Having verbal duals over sms. Its stimulating because of the limited text one can use. The most effective text message must be composed and one must pack a good punch in a couple of lines. Its not only a good mental exercise, but also a lot of fun.
  3. Finishing work early so that I can play silly online games on

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dress lover, don't worry and to be

  1. Rediscovering A Dress A Day. A few months ago, I had followed it avidly, but had somehow lost track in the past few months. Erin, who authors this delightful blog, loves clothes, and shall we say, screams her love from the roof-tops... I know I'm never going to wear any of the dresses she writes about, but the reading is still enjoyable.
  2. A conversation I overhear. A colleague is on the phone with his wife late in the evening. "Are you home? Have you cooked dinner? Aww... don't worry... Wait till I get home and then we'll figure out dinner."
  3. Being where I want to be, as I want to be.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Impressed, Goa plans and EOD

  1. Dharana is on a fast - since last saturday, she has eaten nothing, and is surviving on boiled water. And she has resolved to continue with the fast till sunday. While I don't approve of such fasting, I must say I'm very very impressed by her will power, and by her attitude. When I'm hungry, I'm irritable. But Dharana seems to have lost none of her cheerful disposition, in spite of being so very tired and low on energy. Where did the baby of the team get such maturity from?
  2. Making plans about our imminent Goa trip with Mom and Dad. what clothes to take, which bags will be more convenient, what are the beached we'll visit... there's no end to the things we can discuss... we're all soooooooo excited, we're counting days...
  3. After a long day, sinking into bed is such a pleasure...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shelfari, music and new meaning

  1. Getting around to writing my first review on Shelfari. And what better book to start with, than The Prophet... I've added a widget here on the side-bar, so do check out what I have on my book shelf. And if you're a member of Shelfari, feel free to add me in your friends' list, or to request an invitation to join up!
  2. Being able to listen to the radio while driving back home on the bike.
  3. Finding a totally different meaning to a song that I've loved for years. "Tarun aahe ratra ajuni, Raajasa nijlas ka re..." - roughly translated, is "The night is still young, oh my love, why have you gone to sleep.." I've always taken it to be a love song, from a woman to her lover, who is spurning her. I learn that the situation is actually different - the song is the lament of a young martyr's wife, as she looks at his body lying in its shroud. Its a whole new perspective, and suddenly, the earlier lament no longer seems important enough...

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Fortnight that was

A couple of weeks have gone by and I haven't posted for a multitude of reasons, the most significant being that my internet has conked off again! So here are the BTs the past few days have brought my way, in no particular order...
  1. Anna sends me a small little teddy bear - a most unexpected gesture. It now occupies a place of pride among the other little beings on my desk - Donkey, Yo Mo and the chicks.
  2. George turns up on a sunday morning. I later on discover, that I was the only one unaware of his plans, and everyone was instructed to keep mum so he could surprise me :-)
  3. German Bakery. I hadn't entered the famous bakery so close to my house in spite of living in KP for more than 8 months. Something always stopped me from going there - I considered it a hangout of foreigners who come to Pune, and thought I'd feel out of place there. I'm pleasantly surprised by the place's ambience. Its a charming little place, the breakfast is yummy and the menu quite interesting. Yes, there are foreigners there, but there are also an equal number of Indians, and the place has a very friendly feel to it... I'm definitely going back there...
  4. The music player on my new cell phone. Its awesome! The sound quality is superb.
  5. Manjiri sends a mail that has just one line - Every kick in the ass is a step forward.
  6. Rohit loves the kurta I got him.
  7. Tanmoy and I have an ugly fight. This is good because for almost a week after we patch up, we're nicer to each other than usual. Tanmoy, maybe we should fight more often :-)
  8. Seeing Ananya in Mumbai, and also Pinda.
  9. A second trip to Mumbai, couple of weekends after the first one - the journey is a lot more pleasant than the first one. I have great company and there's plenty to talk and laugh about.
  10. George makes mouth-wateringly delicious chicken curry. George is a good host and he does all he can to make us comfortable.
  11. Meeting Kris's wife Vrunda. They're a cute couple.
  12. Stafford comes over to lunch with us in our cafetaria a couple of days.
  13. Shenoy likes the the books we get him for his birthday - The Amulet of Smarkand and The Golem's Eye. He likes them enough to want to complete his collection of the trilogy, with the third book - Ptolemy's Gate. We both agree that Bartimaeus rules!
  14. Watching Chak De! Its fun - each of the characters in the movie has been so beautifully portrayed. No where does the movie makes you feel it's not real. And the characters are colourful nevertheless, and spunky.

I'm sure there's plenty more, but I can't remember specific moments... Maybe that's why I should write everyday!