Friday, September 21, 2007

Cold breakfast, sixers and the dream of a breakfast...

  1. When I walk into work late as usual, I find everyone waiting for me. I'm immediately bundled away to the pantry. There's ice-cream to be eaten and everyone's been waiting for me to turn up... Kaushik is fulfilling his promise of getting ice-cream to office if Dharana successfully completes the fasting that she has undertaken. There's a whole tub to be eaten, but it vanishes in no time. Ice-cream for breakfast! That's a first for me!
  2. I'm no cricket fan, but Yuvraj Singh's spectacular sixers - that too six in a row, in the World Twenty20 against England are breathtaking. I find myself exclaiming in delight and clapping my hands with glee everytime he hits one more six!
  3. Realizing that I'll have one extra breakfast at Heritage Village Club, just because I'm reaching in the morning, while my folks are reaching in the afternoon... mmmmmmmmmm... just the thought of the scrumptious, royal breakfasts there makes my mouth water!

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