Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shelfari, music and new meaning

  1. Getting around to writing my first review on Shelfari. And what better book to start with, than The Prophet... I've added a widget here on the side-bar, so do check out what I have on my book shelf. And if you're a member of Shelfari, feel free to add me in your friends' list, or to request an invitation to join up!
  2. Being able to listen to the radio while driving back home on the bike.
  3. Finding a totally different meaning to a song that I've loved for years. "Tarun aahe ratra ajuni, Raajasa nijlas ka re..." - roughly translated, is "The night is still young, oh my love, why have you gone to sleep.." I've always taken it to be a love song, from a woman to her lover, who is spurning her. I learn that the situation is actually different - the song is the lament of a young martyr's wife, as she looks at his body lying in its shroud. Its a whole new perspective, and suddenly, the earlier lament no longer seems important enough...

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daverino said...

Thanks for mentioning Shelfari. I see you added a widget, it looks good!

However, we just launched a new blog widget at www.shelfari.com/widget

Try it out and let me know what you think.

--Dave from Shelfari