Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Licensed, a thousand desires fulfilled and chai

Clare's Three Beautiful Things, which is the inspiration for this blog has a mention of Life Ain't THAT bad..! today. I'm enormously delighted by the pat on the back. Maybe I'll give one to myself too!

  1. I have a license. To drive an LMV. No more hunting, pleading, begging for company when I want to drive my car.
  2. Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi... which, translated, means 'A thousand such desires'... I had watched the first hour of this movie a few months ago, and had been meaning to watch the remaining. Today, I finally sit down to watch it, and by the end of the next hour and a half, I'm shaken. Its one of those hard hitting films which can not be ignored. A superbly told story with a remarkable cast. Simply put, a story which had to be told, and which had to be heard.
  3. A hot cup of tea. I really like Red Lable's masala mix which contains a lot of herbs with the tea. The aroma is so wholesome and fulfilling.

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Premlata. said...

I absoulutely love Read label's masala mix..:) So refreshing!