Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taking charge, Papa's car and taken care of

It's Papa's birthday today, so all my BTs are for that one awesome person who I can always look up to, and fall back on - my father.
  1. Catching a glimpse of Papa as he walks towards me on the railway station before he sees me. And then, a minute later, letting him take charge of my suitcase.
  2. Driving Papa's car for the first time (other than for driving lessons, that is...). He's nervous, and keeps giving instructions, and I keep telling him not to, but at the end of the short drive, he accepts that I don't drive that bad. Maybe there'll be fewer instructions next time...
  3. My right arm is stiff and has been aching for a couple of days. Many inefficient massages later (that I give it with no appreciable result), Papa gives my hand a very comforting massage, and it really eases the pain.

And really, these are only 3 of the numerous beautiful things this day had to offer... who keeps count of those that a lifetime contains?

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