Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pristine, craft and show it off!

  1. Wearing my white salwar kameez with the delicate pink embroidered flowers. It's my lucky dress, and I don't really wear it very often for fear of spoiling it. I remember I had worn it for my first job interview (and gotten the job, of course, why else would it be lucky?) But lucky or not, I just love that pristine summery feeling of wearing a clean and white dress.
  2. Kris is all gung-ho about the 'Home Sweet Home' mural he made at the mural making class he joined. We've been witnessing the daily progress all week, and today the creator presents his finished peice with palpable pride.
  3. Going shopping after work. Kris and I try to convince Gauri to buy that body hugging T-shirt so that he can finally show off his 'muscles' like he's been threatening to, for many days now.

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