Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lazy beginings, dinner with friends and solitary journey

  1. The weekend begins. It has been a busy week, so a lazy saturday morning of lounging in the bean bag with a hot mug of tea (the masala chai, of course) and a bunch of newspapers seems like a treat...
  2. Shenoy has invited us for dinner at home for the first time since he got married. He and his wife Pallavi seem to have spent a considerable amount of time and effort getting dinner ready - there's soup, chhole, rotis and then fruit custard. We spend a pleasant evening chatting and gossiping. The surprise of the evening is Dadu who (uncharacteristically) talks a lot and seems to be in a very chirpy (if one may dare to use such a flippant word in Dadu's context) mood.
  3. The long drive back home after the evening traffic is all but gone. The roads are empty and inviting and I discover the joys of effortless driving. The radio channels also play some lovely melodies and I actually have enough mental space to enjoy a sing-along.

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