Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blessed, for me and clean

  1. I get to see one of God's stunning sunrises - I'm atop Lohgad, standing in the midst of drifting mists, getting chilled to the the bone by the cold wet breeze, but I can't move, the view in front of me is so magnificent. The sun barely comes out of the clouds, but makes its presence felt by the various spotlights it focusses on the valley below. There is an everchanging play of shadow and light and enchanting sunrise colours... I just stand there, feeling blessed.
  2. While walking back, I'm the last person trudging along, and at one point of time, I plop down on a rock, because my legs just hurt too much. The others move on, and for a few minutes, I'm alone in my microcosm. Its a bright fresh morning, I'm the only person in the valley. The gentle breeze and the birdsongs are mine alone... (until someone pops right back in to check why I'm not moving, and I get up to resume my trudge)
  3. Taking a long shower to wash off all the filth and then falling asleep almost immediately....


Plutarch said...

Could you give us a brief note on Loghad. It sounds beautiful.

Rashmi said...

Lohgad is an old Maratha fort in Maharashtra's Sahyadri ranges. We trekked up the fort at night, reaching the summit close to dawn. My lazy legs ached and I could barely walk by the time we reached, but all the pain and effort were worth the magnificent sunrise and view from the fort. I'll try and give you a link to the pictures - alas, I didn't carry my own camera, and how I regretted it!