Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love story, magic marbles and almost like being there

  1. Soumitra comes over to spend the day with me. We have much to catch up on. Its lovely to see how highly he thinks of his fiancee. She's just too nice, he tells me, as he recounts her affectionate ways. And I think to myself, here's one lucky girl.
  2. 'Magic Balls' - hard but tiny little balls, smaller than a sago grain, which when soaked in water, absorb it and grow big as marbles and look much the same - translucent, radiant and soft. But they're very different to the touch - slippery and slithery with all the water. Papa had bought some and they sit very prettily in a glass bowl on the dining table at home. I find a little boy selling packets of these on MG road and I can't resist buying one.
  3. As I chat with Tanmoy, he keeps sending me pictures from his recent trip to Boston and tells me the story behind each picture and about all the people in the snaps. Its almost like he's just back from a trip and is showing me the pictures sitting by my side.

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C R D said...

hey, i have those magic balls too..i dunno y i have this urge to keep holding em in my hand [:p]

broken quite a lot of em