Sunday, June 01, 2008

Spring cleaning, chaat and smart reporters

  1. Spring cleaning in summer! I clean the cob webs, scrub the bathroom and washbasins... The cleaning has been long pending, and I feel much better after having laboured at it, even though its far from done.
  2. Eating bhel and dahi sev puri at a road-side stall. mmmmmm.... and then having ice cold lemonade at another to give some relief to the mouth after the tangy spicy chaat we've had... Somehow, chaat tastes the best when had at a road side vendor's, rather than sitting in a restaurant or at home!
  3. Dharana and I go shopping to FabIndia... ah what bliss! I've raved about FabIndia before, but I guess its necessary to say it again! I just love their cottons... they're so vibrant and fresh. Dharana says "I want one of those kurtis those smart reporters wear." I pick up two kurtis and Dharana picks up 3. She's all ready to buy a fourth one when I rush her out of the store.

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