Sunday, June 29, 2008

For the flowers, security and joie de vivre

  1. Red roses sit pretty in my new vase... Now I can finally start buying flowers on an impulse - earlier, there was no vase to put them in, so all the charm of buying flowers would vanish once I'd get them home...
  2. It rains through the day, slowly, soothingly and almost continuously... pausing only once in a while to allow people to scramble along from one place to another during the breathers. Me, I don't care. My car keeps me dry and safe.
  3. Visiting Suresh Kaka. Kaka and kaku always make me feel so welcome. And Bharti kaku is a great one for conversation, such an enthusiastic person with so many stories to tell. I often think that I'll consider myself to have led a successful life, if when I'm her age, I retain as much joie de vivre.

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