Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lighter, friends and mint n chocolate

  1. I raid the kitchen shelves looking for something to eat and in the process find a lot of stuff that should've made its way to the dustbin a long time ago... I put it where it rightly belongs, and the kitchen feels much lighter...
  2. A very pleasant evening spent with the gang at Kris's... Both Kris and Vrunda have taken great pains to cook a lovely dinner for us. But the best part is the easy level of comfort that I've reached with these people. We spend many hours together, but no one runs out things to say.
  3. Mint Chocolate Chips ice cream at Baskin Robins... just try it! Whoever thought of mixing mint and chocolate together was a genius!

1 comment:

Plutarch said...

There's much satisfaction in throwing things away, in making space and leaving it uncluttered. I like your expression "making the room lighter".