Thursday, June 12, 2008

An ear, mended and salvation army

  1. I'm mad at the world. Sriharsha calmly hears me out as I rant.
  2. The mason's finally found it in him to come and refit the broken tiles in the bathroom.
  3. The last alphonso of the lot I had bought, which I had given up hope on (having forgotten to eat it) is salvaged by the cook. I hadn't had the heart to throw it in the dustbin, which is good, because she's turns it into aamras, and I realise that it hadn't gone bad at all! It just looked a bit worse for age...

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Plutarch said...

Nice to hear alphonso mangoes mentioned in their country of origin. Sometimes, in season, they turn up here in a Tunbridge Wells supermarket. In my limited experience, they are the most succulent and aromatic variety of a succulent and aromatic fruit.