Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looking nice, company and the sound of music

  1. On a day when I haven't taken any trouble to really dress up and am sub-consciously convinced that I'm looking 'just ok' and perhaps a tad fat, I get a compliment that I'm looking nice.
  2. I've slogged through the day but its been one of those days when getting even the simplest thing done requires herculean effort. Driving back home from work really really late, I'm tired and cranky. At such a time, I'm glad of Arminder's company as she joins me in cribbing about the how badly people drive in Pune. Its so much better than driving home alone when you really want to rant about stuff, but have no one to listen to you.
  3. I finally find the drivers my PC needs and install them. The sound's working now! Yay!

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