Thursday, April 30, 2009

That'll shut you up, vroom and the gang

  1. A colleague is always teasing me and pulling my leg at the slightest opportunity (or even when there's none!). The best way to shut him up is to start teasing him about his wife. It's effective because he got married only last month.
  2. A friend has been using my bike for the past couple of months. It's a pleasure to press the electric start button and have it spur into life immediately.
  3. Friday is a holiday. There's only one more day of work between me and the long weekend. Anticipation runs high, because the gang is going to be here by tomorrow evening to kickstart the weekend. Gullu has promised that he has some masala news to tell, but won't say what it is unless everyone is present. Jui, Pallu & Tanmoy are coming, Shenoy's joining in and Patty, who I haven't seen in years, might come too. Let me sleep so that tomorrow comes early!

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