Friday, May 08, 2009

Unsweetened, the right reason for a traffic jam and alphonso sweet

  1. I like the taste of cold unsweetened milk and the way it feels going down the throat. It's inherent sweetness is just right for me, and there's no need to enhance it with sugar.
  2. Traffic in the opposite lane has come to a standstill and from afar, I can not figure out why. As I approach the standing column of traffic, I can see the reason. Right in front of the first vehicle, a little puppy is standing, very bewildered and lost. It finally finds the footpath and the traffic starts moving again.
  3. For me, these are the first mangoes of the season. Alphonsoes, claims the fruit vendor. Me, I'm not so sure of the authenticity of the claim, but alphonso or not, they're sweet to me.


an autumn leaf for all seasons said...

Mangoes! Juicy golden mangoes! Oh the magic that sweet nectar can do on a sunny day! Oh the way the sweet flesh easily slips down my throat!


I totally envy you!!

Rashmi said...

Hey! I'm sure u get mangoes in the bay area! Just look around!

an autumn leaf for all seasons said...

Hmmm...yes you do, but I am longing for the ones from the my grandmother's chosen pile! It had the best, ripest, juciest, yummiest and heavenliest!

Oh my god, makes my mouth water!!

Anyway, I am settling for some ripe strawberries from the garden and the farmers market. Juicy and sweet, but can't compare with those mangoes!