Sunday, October 11, 2009

Offer, free-bies and Beauty Shop

  1. While I'm standing at the checkout counter at Big Bazar, waiting for the cashier to tell me how much my grocery and stuff has tallied up to, he suddenly disappears from the counter without a word. I'm begining to get annoyed at being made to wait without an explanation, when he reappears, holding a set of prettily painted juice jar and glasses. My bill has crossed the amount which allows me to get this set by paying just a 100 rupees extra. I can't resist the offer...
  2. The bagful of free perfume samples that come along when I buy a perfume.
  3. Watching feel-good movies on the telly. There's this category of movies where the underdog wins in the end, overcoming all odds and having fun in the bargain. I just love watching them. Today it was Beauty Shop.

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