Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Favourite job, click instruction and planning outsourced

  1. Mom calls me up: "I have a task for you - one that you'll love." "What?" "Your sister has neither come online nor sent an email for two whole days. Scold her, will you?" (She has travelled to the US for a couple of months.) Who in her right mind would refuse a job such as this?! Unfortunately she sends a lengthy email within a few minutes, and I lose a golden opportunity... sigh!
  2. The photography workshop has started today. The instructor spent today's session answering questions that people had. Tomorrow, he will bring his lights and show us how photography is done with studio lights. While all this is going on, the thought crosses my mind that while all this technical instruction is fine, no one can really give the photographer an 'eye' for the frame, she must develop it herself and finally, it is this individual perception of the world around that will be the distinguishing factor once the technique is mastered.
  3. Soumitra is such a sweetheart. He knows I must have forgotten. So he reminds me that Diwali is only three months away, so I should start planning for tickets. Last year, all the tickets were snapped up within an hour of the reservations opening!

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