Monday, January 26, 2009

Dip dip dip, Slumdog and overfed

  1. Dipping a biscuit in piping hot tea till its just about to fall off, but not quite and then quickly eating it.
  2. Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire. He's quite a natural. I realised one thing when I saw the movie today - It's no different than many mainstream Hindi potboilers. All the hoopla created around it being nominated for the Oscars and winning the Golden Globe seems quite amusing to me, because hey, come watch a good Bollywood thriller!
  3. My cook was taking the day off today, so she cooked some extra food for me yesterday. When I actually open the fridge before lunch, I see an enormous amount of food waiting for me. She has obviously taken good care that I don't starve on her day off!

1 comment:

Premlata. said...

I completely agree with you Rashmi. Slumdog is overhyped. To be honest, I did not like the movie probably I had great expectations from it after all the hype...