Sunday, February 01, 2009

Luck By Chance, kill piracy and gassy issues

  1. Watching Farhan Akhtar is a treat. I watched Luck By Chance today. I'll rate the movie a 3 star and Farhan Akhtar a 4.8. Oh and Hrithik's in it too, albiet for a very short role. Sigh!
  2. I got two Moser Baer DVDs today with 3 movies in each - Yuva, Guru and Rang De Basanti in one and Lakshya, Rang De Basanti and Dil Chahta Hai in the other. Each DVD is priced at Rs. 45 only! And they're licensed copies, not pirated ones! Now that's the way to kill piracy!
  3. The gas cylinder is empty and there will be no cooking at home till I manage to procure another one. This requires quite a bit of ingenuity since the time I moved to this house a couple of years ago, because the gas agency I got the connection from does not operate in this area. So why am I writing this here? No, it hasn't made me happy. But I mention this to my mom, who mentions it to her brother in Mumbai, who immediately calls me up to discuss various options for getting another cylinder. It feels so good that my family cares even about such mundane things and that they worry when they think I'll have to eat out everyday!

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