Saturday, February 21, 2009

Temptation's fruit, deadlines met and I have a roomie!

  1. The new Reebok T shirt I picked up a couple of weeks ago when I wasn't meant to be shopping makes me look slim. I'm glad I gave in to temptation that day.
  2. I feel like a free bird. The huge mountain load of work that I had on my shoulders is now over. I feel especially thrilled at having met the deadlines. There's still work to be done, of course, but it isn't pressing and I can take the time to goof off a bit and not feel guilty about it. In fact I feel as if I've earned it! Oh, and I leave office on time (after coming in late!)
  3. After almost three years of my staying alone, Natasha and I have decided to share the flat. She moves in in the evening, and there's the general chaos of unpacking and talking and excitement. We're also very thrilled that we had underestimated the house. After all her stuff has come in, there's still plenty of space where we'd initally thought we'd be a little too crowded. We're already making plans of stuff we'll do together as roommates.

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