Monday, February 23, 2009

Morning road, Tailored, Overfed and winning it all

  1. The main road looks so empty and inviting at 8 in the morning. The usual traffic is missing and the air feels very inviting and fresh. Its an unusal sight for me, for I'm usually never out so early, and the road is bustling till late in the night.
  2. I bring out my tailored white cotton shirt after a long time today. I'd forgotten it fits so well. And looks so crisp.
  3. Natasha's mom has whipped up an enormous and yummy dinner (as is her way!) again. I'm getting fattttttttt! I even carried my lunch to work today!
  4. The Oscars are being aired in the morning when we are driving to work and every award is announced on the radio as its being won by Slumdog Millionaire. At work the updates keep coming in and the euphoria continues.

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