Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally, Only early morning dreams and irreverently funny

  1. I have a gas connection at home, people! How cool is that? Congratulate me! It has taken so many days, so many trips to the distributors office, and so many discussions and arguments with that rude fellow who mans the office that when it finally arrives today, I find it difficult to believe the long and tiring journey is over... but there it is! Sweet!
  2. During my afternoon nap, I have a very vivid dream. My parents are telling me that because I'm not getting married, they're going to shift to Pune on 6th April. Dad has arranged to start his Law practice from here, and I'm supposed to quickly find a larger house. I tell this to mom and she's quite amused. "Didn't you freak out?' she asks me. I pretend to be very hurt by this comment. Don't worry, she tells me, its only morning dreams that come true.
  3. I have started reading My Family & Other Animals. When Shenoy asked me last week what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I wanted this book, and he seemed quite surprised to hear it's title. I haven't read much yet, but what I have so far, makes me want to get back to it quickly. I love the way he's completely irreverent about his family and how he describes the way his family has helped him write the book.


Aditi Sodhi said...

Keep reading, I know you'll love it :). And yes it - the cold is back and this time with a dose of bronchitis thrown in just for kicks. I hate being sick :P.

Clare said...

Over at The Daily Mammal they are discussing My Family and Other Animals for book club -- part one and part two. Hope it's of interest.