Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just like mom, Straight and Punishment

  1. Baingan ka bharta like my mom makes it. It turns out almost perfect - with the brinjal, the onions and the tomatos roasted over the flame and then cut and mixed. No oil. Very healthy and of course very yumm.
  2. Straight. Its hilarious! Vinay Pathak is such a brilliant actor. He portrays the character of Pinu Patel with such sensitivity - the confusion, the straight laced innocence, the eagerness, the tragedy that's inevitable in overly earnest people's lives, the childlike joy and jealousy, he just does it all in so classy a manner that one can't help but get involved in the character.
  3. Gauri is being rude and silly. I chase him in the parking lot and give him a smart rap on the back for being cheeky.

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