Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Home delivered health, Third Girl, Twist in the tale

  1. The wheatgrass juice was delivered in neat little pouches early in the morning. It was nice and fresh and I'm looking forward to it every morning now for a few days, before we change the order to some other healthy vegetable juice.
  2. Staying up with droopy eyes just to finish the book and find out who the murderer is. I just wrapped up Agatha Christie's 'Third Girl'. It was one I hadn't read before and was satisfying in a way that only a good Poirot mystery can be.
  3. S told me yesterday that he'd written himself into a hole and was stuck in the story much earlier than he had thought he would be. Today he tells me that he's written himself out of the hole and is super excited about the turn his book has taken. I must of course wait
    for a week or maybe more before I find out what really is going on and in the meanwhile, get along quicker with the editing.

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