Monday, June 04, 2007

Donkey, just what I wanted and day justified

  1. Donkey. Tanmoy gets a Happy Meal at MacDonalds, just so I can have the toy Donkey. Donkey creates a riot in office today (he now proudly occupies a place on my desk). with his 'Are we there yet?' when his tail is pulled! He's adorable...
  2. In Mumbai, George goes all the way to Dharavi, after battling a huge traffic monster, and buys me a maroon (not red, he rues) wallet that I had requested him to get for me, since I was unable to find one I liked, here in Pune. He assures me, the notes won't get folded when I put them in it :-)... just like I wanted.. Thanks dude!
  3. Sunsets. Just watching one makes a day worth living, and I want the next day to come fast, just so that it speeds by and it's time yet again for a sunset... I'm overwhelmed each day by the hither to unrevealed beauty that each evening's sky offers me...

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