Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Shalom Everyone! Its been long break from blogging for me, but not one that I've regretted. I have been very busy travelling - first I travelled to Karnataka for Shenoy's wedding and after a whirlwind of a week, I set foot in Israel. The whole experience has been quite a rich one.

Israel is one wonderful country and I think I fell in love with it on my way to the hotel from the airport! I'm staying in a very busy part of Tel Aviv called as Dizengoff and the Dizengoff circle is such a happy and cheerful place that one instantly feels relaxed and cheerful there!

The people, the food, Tel Aviv, the magnificent roads, the rich culture that you can feel in the air, all of it forms such a heady cocktail, that I was quite intoxicated for my first few days here. Then of course we went sight seeing to Jaffa, Masada and then to the Dead Sea over the weekend. All this activity has kept me so busy and so much has been happening in life that blogging had to take a slight back-seat... Only now has some normalcy been restored after the initial excitement of being in a new country has lessened somewhat and something of routine has been created for the weekday (the weekends will, without exception, rock!). I hope to get back to 3BTing from tomorrow, though really, right now, life ain't 'ain't that bad'... its great!

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