Saturday, August 02, 2008

Highlight, walk and Shantaram

  1. Tanmoy and Pallu are back in NY after visiting the Niagara Falls. They're awed by the majesty of it. For Tanmoy, the highlight of the trip is a full, vivid rainbow. Pallavi is unimpressed by such trivialities and instead of talking to me, they continue to bicker about it.

  2. Fed up of the depressing darkness inside office today, Kris and I go for a walk in the Magarpatta garden. For some strange reason, this is the first time I'm going there, and I'm thoroughly impressed by the sprawling, well manicured garden. It's so peaceful there, and bright and the fresh air feels like heaven...

  3. Shantaram. I started it a few days ago, and within the first 3 pages, I was hooked. The lucidity of language, the authors keen-ness of perception and of course the incredible story, all make a lethal combination. Every now and then, I am blown away with the author's unique way of feeling things and expressing them.

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