Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tender, tonic for the soul and pretty change

  1. The rose plant has tender new leaves - all shiny and reddish purple - evidence that the plant has accepted its new home and is taking root.
  2. Its been a long, tiring day. As I set out for home, I'm moving and driving solely on will. As if on cue, all the radio channels start playing beautiful songs. There's something of a tonic in the music and when I reach home, I'm feeling much better.
  3. I remember a friend who used to be a tom-boy in school. She's changed so drastically since she got married. Every time she posts new pictures on Orkut I'm freshly (and pleasantly) surprised. I see a pretty, feminine girl looking back at me from the photographs.


Premlata. said...

i think i know who you are talking about...

Rashmi said...

He he!