Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday girl, special gift and soft!

  1. It's Dipti's birthday today. Last night a few of us from work landed up at her place at midnight to bring in the birthday with cake. She has loved the surprise so much that I overhear her telling anyone who calls her up to wish her about how exciting her birthday has been this year. Happy birthday girl!
  2. Dipti goes out to receive the birthday gift that has arrived from her fiance and comes back radiant, holding a gift set of CK perfumes. Her eyes sparkle so much, its impossible not be drawn into her enthusiasm at the gift.
  3. I manage to make soft, edible rotis today. They don't fluff up as they should when I hold them over the flame, but I suppose that's setting too high an expectation at so early a stage in my roti making career!


AReader said...

Learing the art of Roti-making ... I can smell preparations for something (like getting married?) [just j/k]

Rashmi said...

He he... no! My maid's on leave for a week and I'm cooking for myself. I've always taken it as a personal insult that I can't make good rotis, so this time, I'm determined to learn the art!

AReader said...

That was a solid no! Comes back in 6 minutes :) My best wishes with the Rotis. Hoping to be able to eat them some time soon!