Sunday, November 23, 2008

She's back, beauty treatments and 9 wins

  1. The maid's back from her vacation. Yay! And she makes lovely thin and soft rotis from the dough I had kneaded yesterday, better than what I could've ever made. (Yes, my obsession with rotis continues!)
  2. I completely pamper myself today. First I get a delightful haircut, then a facial, then a manicure and a pedicure... oh! and the hair stylist straightens my hair while blow drying. I adore the new look with the sleek staight hair. My hair will go back to its unruly curls by tomorrow, of course, but I like the possibilities this new hair style suggests when I am bored of my usual look.
  3. Shenoy, Pallavi (his wife) and I go to attend the final round of Battle of the Bands - a local rock competition. Our friend Yayati's band "9" are one of the finalists and they are simply mindblowing. They play all original compositions, all in Hindi and are declared the unanimous winners. I'm seriously impressed!

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