Friday, November 21, 2008

Gym girl, dad will shoot and Gujju Thali

  1. Finally! I've done it! I've gone to gym 5 days in a row for the first time in my gymming career! I'm so proud of myself.
  2. I spend a good part of the day researching digicams. I have discount vouchers both from Indiaplaza and ebay, and now I really want to buy a camera for dad. I'm especially thrilled at the idea of ordering it online and having it delivered directly to him, because online shopping is still a very new concept for him.
  3. Again I join Sriharsha and Sachin for dinner and we go to a Gujrati thali place. The food is just like home! Simple and tasty! And the rotis! sighhhhh... I just gobble them up! Its sheer contentment...

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