Monday, August 31, 2009

Kaminey, George and happy ending

1. Kaminey. What a sleek, crazy movie. It's complete madness.
2. George has moved to Pune. This is the first step towards getting the gang together again. It is so good to know that he'll be around now.
3. A frustrating day ends. And it ends on a happy note.


Aditi Sodhi said...

Saw Kaminey yesterday and I agree with the crazy part (especially at the end :)). Btw, just out of curiosity, who's left to complete the gang now?

Rashmi said...

Time and again, and at least once for every character in the film, I remember thinking - Kya kamina hai!

And well, Gullu is in Mumbai and Dadu is still in the US... these were the original people who started out in Pune. Oh, and Shenoy too... And of course anyone else who decides to shift to Pune - you, Patty, Dixit...