Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rare weather, coming home and corn on the cob

  1. The weather in Nagpur is perfect right now - its cloudy, pleasant and breezy. Grandma and I sit on the swing on the terrace, gently rocking and chatting about nothing in particular. I'm happy to let her ramble on, telling me about the new neighbours and the birds that visit her bird bath and the flowers. Its a lovely morning.
  2. After lunch, I plant myself on my mom n dad's bed, fighting for space with dad. It's good to laze around, doing nothing, being the kid and getting pampered. This is what I came home for - for what else is recuperation?
  3. The best bhutta in the world can be had at the stalls outside VNIT's gates. The one's available in Pune seem rather poor fare, with their garnishing of salt and lemon juice. Here, there's butter and green chilly chutney (the kind that makes you go sssssssssssssss) to go along with it. Seriously, no one makes corn on the cob the way these guys do. We even got one home for grandma, and can you believe it, she ate it! She's 90!


Manjiri said...

Ahh!Good to hear that the bhutta stalls are still there.The news about Temptations closing down was saddening...It signaled the end of an era.

Rashmi said...

Everytime I go to Nagpur, I'm reminded that this is a very different and new Nagpur, not the same place you and I grew up in. Its astonishing that a city can change so much in so short a time.