Monday, April 14, 2008

Done in time, cool elegance and burrrrrp

  1. Finishing work in time for the evening party, so that I neither have to skip it, nor do I have to feel guilty about being at a party when there's work waiting to be done...
  2. The party, or the Passover Toast, as it has been officially christened, is at a delightful venue, surrounded by lush green fields on all sides... there are manicured lawns there, with a variety of flowering trees in full spring bloom... a wooden arched bridge stands over a sparkling lake, in which there are swans. There are wicker couches (huuuuuuuge ones!) with the most inviting looking white pillows... and there are plenty more pillows lying scattered around... while there are chirs too, people prefer to use the pillows and lounge on the grass... and the menu - dessert and drinks! This has to be the the most chilled out, yet elegant place I've been to!
  3. We walk into an Indian restaurant, and are trying to decide what to order, when the owner, seeing that some Indians have arrived, comes to talk to us... he suggests that we share a thali (a full course Indian meal) - "trust me, you both won't be able to finish it"... and he's right. And do I even need to mention how supremely satisfying it is for me to eat a full desi meal after a whole month?

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