Monday, April 21, 2008

Life is a box of chocolates !

1. The End

After 2-3 months, the project is over. They say, is it pretty good! Well thats a pleasant surprise. We are not that bad after all!

2. No more smoke

Let's see how long this lasts this time. It has been a month so far.

3. Well, I woke up in the morning and got myself a beer!

Thats a good way to start a long weekend I guess :) Fish combinations, Live cricket, Bud at 11 am ... I hope they have enough of it in Heaven. Oh, wait a minute, I may not actually land up there.

4. Bowl and rattle

Consecutive weeks of heavy duty bowling- 2 hours each. I am getting more and more consistent! Just have to convert the millions of 9s to Clears (consecutive ones :))

5. Airport

Good adaption from the Arthur Hailey novel. Even better with beer and chips.

6. Spray, kill and suck!

Me and my roomie decide- no more dirt! We clean up everything in sight. The place looks clean and homely now, finally. I hope we can keep it that way.

7. Good Bye!

After 2.5 months the project ends and my manager leaves for India. We had an awesome time together, visiting so many places. A lazy bum like me would have never gone to these places if it was not for her. From being good colleagues we ended up parting as good friends :) I see her off at the airport and she is more than happy to go back to her family, friends, home and garden.

8. Botanic Brooklyn

I was skeptical about this one but my manager forces me out of the house. I accompany reluctantly. It turns out, I am more at peace than her. I take zillions of pictures, some of them at macro closeup and requiring 4-6 shots. She tries not to lose her patience, but then I know (I have tested it often) that she has tons of it :)

9. Brooklyn Bridge

A marvel really. You walk on it and feel the vibes. It was the biggest bridge in the world when it was built connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. Impossibility loses a lot of significance and Human spirit gains reverence as we walk and read its history. It has taken so many family sacrifices, but mankind shall never forget them now.

10 Hunger

The hunger is coming back. I feel like a kid - full of energy, motivation and ignorance. This is a good sign. That's how I have known myself to be, for so many years. I am glad, for a few days in the past week I felt like, I have just started my career.

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