Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend, drama in glass and GPS

  1. Coming to the end of the week... this week has been kind of dull, work-wise. So I'm glad its over and the weekend's started.
  2. The display of glass art at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. I literally gasp out aloud at some exhibits - they are so striking. There is a fluidity and delicateness in glass, which I suppose is near impossible to achieve with any other material. And despite the delicate nature, the structures can be so bold, so strong, so dramatic... I drag my feet out of the gallery at closing time, cursing myself for not coming a little earlier. And for not carrying my camera.
  3. GPS - a largely unused technolgy in India. The cab driver manouvers his way from the museum to the hotel with no difficulty with the aid of the GPS... and I find myself wishing I'd had some sort of a GPS inside the museum. I had a map, but was still hopelessly lost, at least for the first few mins...

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