Friday, April 04, 2008

Short n sweet, things to do and party

  1. My calendar looks scary for the day - meetings continuously from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m with just one half hour break in between... now, meetings scare me! They make my eyes glaze over, a fog envelopes my mind, and I feel paralyzed in the brain... and then, mirculously, two of these meeting which have been scheduled for an hour each are done within half an hour each, and I suddenly have an extra hour in hand.
  2. When it has begun to look like this weekend is going to be wasted doing nothing much other than sitting in the room watching movies and perhaps strolling on Dizengoff street or to the nearby beach (all of which are otherwise fine things to do on a weekend, but not when you have just two weekends left to explore a new country!), a plan for Saturday unfolds, and Friday starts to look good too, with shopping in the morning and the beach in the afternoon...
  3. An impromptu party at my room. The menu is funny - maggi, rice, sabzi and ready to eat sambhar... but there's plenty of fun and spirits are high. Adding spice to the party is Russel Peters' stand up comedy. His timing for quips is perfect!

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