Friday, February 23, 2007

Miss you, special lunch and I have a dream

  1. Dipti tells me that she was too bored to take a coffee break, or even go for snacks alone, since I wasn't in office the day before.
  2. We go out for lunch, instead of eating at the cafetaria, and though the food is only average, lunch becomes a special occassion, filled with a lot of laughter.
  3. On a whim, we decide to go clubbing, and there's sudden frenzy about what to wear, and how to go... its already 10 by the time we reach. TDS has a very soothing, comfortable decor and one instantly relaxes there. It is Karaoke night, and when a woman dedicates a song to her husband, I lament that no one has ever sung for me like this. Pallavi instantly takes up the challenge and sings 'I have a dream' for me... and we all join in. Its a beautiful feeling :-)

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