Thursday, February 15, 2007

Soothing the throat, terra firma and night-out

  1. I drink endless glasses of scalding hot water through the day and it soothes my aching throat so...
  2. Processes are discussed in the weekly team meet, and I'm finally on terra-firma and have something to say. For the first time, some responsibility, apart from learning, is entrusted to me.
  3. Pallavi sends an sms at 10 in the night saying 'Is it all right if v come over 2 ur place? Please'.. The 'Please' and the 'v' puzzle me (and set some alarm bells ringing) so I call her up to find out what the matter is. I find out its their girls' night-out and they are too late to get entry into the hostel. They troop in well past midnight and the poor girls spend the night shivering in the front room, 'coz I don't have bedding for so many people! But at morning, they're up early, and the house is full of chatter, and they seem to have had a good time!

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Hello from Julia said...

hot water really is the best. i add lemon and grind fresh ginger into it. i guarantee that will fix your throat (i've been drinking it all winter and not sick yet, knock on wood...)