Thursday, August 16, 2007

Early, liberation through healing and sweet reunion

  1. Finishing my day's quota of work well before 6 p.m.... I can get out of office early.
  2. I get a few pending tests done, some that I should've gotten done 6 months after last year's operation... its such a liberating feeling to see normal results and to know that there's no recurrance... now, I feel truly healed. Thank heavens!
  3. At one point of time, a few minutes ago, I'm chatting with with Aparna and Stafford and am on the phone with Shenoy... an unplanned reunion, no less sweet for the physical distance that separates the four of us! I'm the only one connected to everyone... so I get to be the messenger...

1 comment:

aparna k. said...

The reunion was due.

Felt good to be talking to Staffy - however, he vehemently denied his harem-ian existence.

Give my wishes to whale. I know he would be in beerdom on his day. And when he wakes up to reality, punch him on his beer-belly and wish him a happy b'day from me.