Monday, May 28, 2007

Rain, gup-shup and will-it-won't-it?

  1. Watching the rain. Post-lunch, when every one's drowsy and silent, someone suddenly exclaims 'its raining' and we all rush to the window. Not satisfied with the view the window offers, a few of us go downstairs and watch the rain from the porch. There's sunlight too, so we scan the sky for traces of any rainbows that might be lurking around the corners . We don't find any, but the rain brings life to our drowsy and dull afternoon...
  2. Gossipping over coffee. Today both, Dipti and I are in a talkative mood and we have an extended coffee break simply talking about things and laughing.
  3. Tanmoy's excited about a multi-level marketing scheme. Will it work? I don't know. But he's excited and is trying real hard to sell it and his enthusiasm is definitely contagious. Maybe it'll work?

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