Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teach a kid, goofing off and claiming my points!

  1. Seeing the number of people who have volunteered for the 'Teach a kid' initiative that the community relations team at work has undertaken. The plan is to help the kids at a couple of orphanages with their studies... The volunteers meet for the first time today and the enthusiasm seems quite high.
  2. Having no work at office, so I can goof off all day... it's nice to have a day off unexpectedly :-)
  3. Finally redeeming the 200/- coupon from Shopper's Stop... of course, I end up spending another 200/- but I love the top I got... It's a pretty, cream-coloured sleeveless top with delicate multi-coloured embroidery. Hmmmm... maybe I'll wear it tomorrow...

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