Monday, November 19, 2007

A boggled mind, a fab job and a pure note

  1. The crazy rush of adrenalin caused by the anticipation of imminent travel. Will I get my visa? When will I fly? What places should I visit? Who all will I be able to meet? Will I see snow? Will I really go?
  2. Pallavi has landed a job on Day 0 of her campus placement. She's yelling on the phone like a mad-woman, with excitement. And I'm yelling too... we're both super-excited!
  3. It's Dipti's birthday. At the small celebration we have for her at work, we all holler for a song. She finally obliges and sings Hothon se chhoo lo tum. Her notes are pure and everyone listens in a hushed silence... She sings softly, but her voice fills the space...


an autumn leaf for all seasons said...

OK - let me try and give you the answers.

1. Yes, you will get your visa.
2. You will fly as planned. Not sooner. Not later.
3. You'll visit all those places you will be able to in the time you are here.
4. You WILL be visiting us. And yes, possible you might visit more.
5. Snow - yes. You'll see so much that you'll have more reasons to love sunshines after this trip.

Ah! I can't keep the excitement either :-) Can't wait to see you sweets!

Premlata. said...

And you will visit ME coz Amdocs is just a mile away from our apt complex :)

Clare said...

I love number 3 -- it's always the shy ones that have the lovely voices.

Manjiri said...

Hey do go to Starbucks and have a Grande Cafe Vanilla Frappucino!!!!!
And do go to Barnes and Nobles and visit the Anthropologie and Pottery Barn stores....Soak in everything...

Rashmi said...

Ha ha! You all are so awesome! What can I say! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!