Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Morning air, good at his job and chocolatey

  1. Going to office early. There's a chill in the air still, and the sun is still very soft... But the best part is that the traffic is still not heavy and the heavy dust and pollution have not yet risen. So driving is a pleasure.
  2. Attending a training session where the trainer knows his stuff inside out. Not once do I feel bored. And this has nothing to with the fact that the trainer is handsome.
  3. Chocolate sandwich. The guy at the sandwich corner makes the most delicious chocolate sandwiches - there's cheese and butter and a very rich chocolate paste in it, which just makes it too heavenly to resist...


Premlata. said...

Never heard of a chocolate sandwich..

Rashmi said...

He he... yeah... most people haven't... it looks like its a Pune speciality, and even then a lot of Puneites haven't heard of it either... its yummm