Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ugly Duckling, medusa subdued and coterie

  1. I wear that new Fab India kurta I had bought a few weeks ago, and with the dupatta, it looks simply classy. Pallavi tells me so. And then an ex-colleague writes to say among other things, that he admires my 'graceful arrogance'. To be very honest, the word graceful pleases me, even though its attached to arrogance. I've always had the adjective clumsy attached to me. Indeed, I am an extremely clumsy person... so where did this come from?
  2. Finishing the coding for a piece of work that I seemingly had on my hand for ages and ages. The testing still remains, but at least the remaining work seems managable...
  3. On a day when I've felt very alone, I come home to discover that I'm considered part of a coterie. And there's someone encouraging me as well... Thanks Joe! Thanks Clare!


Plutarch said...

I hadn't got round to congratulate you on the first year of your always entertaining blog. Keep it up. The world, meanwhile, is shrinking around you and our fellow bloggers.

i beati said...

intriquing connation graceful arrogance