Friday, November 02, 2007

A different sun, familiar face and misery's company

  1. The sun has changed. The harsh october sun is gone, and in its place, we find a soothing, mild and gently warming november sun that doesn't burn.
  2. Lost in thought, I walk from the pantry with a cup of coffee towards my desk. As I pass a group of guys, someone taps me on my head. Perplexed and a little annoyed at being disturbed out of my reverie, I turn towards the perpetrator of the action, and find myself staring into a very familiar face, one that hasn't been seen around here for a few months now (4, I'm later told). Digant is standing there grinning his boyish grin, and everyone, of course, has gathered around to talk to him...
  3. Finding out that someone else has internet woes (and that too with a different service provider than mine) and hearing him blast the internet guys on the phone. Wellll... misery loves company, doesn't it? But right now, my internet is workin, touch wood!

P.S. After a long time, there are a few pics up at Trigger Happy... Take a look!

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