Friday, November 09, 2007

Family time, stars in her eyes and food in her tummy

  1. After lunch, we all sit together, chatting, joking, laughing, making garlands for decorating the house... Jui keeps hunting for a good Ganesh picture for the rangoli design... Ananya is busy doing silly things. Papa is pulling everyone's leg. Aaji won't stop giving instructions. Its family time on Diwali... Wish you all a happy diwali too! Hope you're all basking in the warmth of your family's closeness.
  2. Watching the fireworks from the terrace. There are so many, I never know which way to look! In all directions, gold coins are splattered across the sky and the boom boom reverberates across the city. Ananya's eyes go round in wonder and gasps and claps in glee when a brilliant shower of sparkles brightens the sky...
  3. Ananya decides to have dinner with us, and I end up feeding her. She runs around, jumps, and does all sorts of gymnastics between morsels and I have to keep inventing weird stories to catch her attention, so that she'll stay still for a minute and take a bite.. but we manage to finish the whole plate without any tears being shed or any tantrums being thrown!

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